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Get a Jump on the Spring Listing Season

In many real estate markets, the number of homes for sale skyrockets each Spring as sellers list with the hope of selling during the busy home buyer’s season. If you are wanting to sell your home this Spring, get busy now so you can be on the market as soon as possible. Here are eight things to do now so your home is show ready when you list.

  1. Schedule the pressure washer. No matter what your home exterior is made of, something at your home needs to be pressure washed. From the deck to the siding or the driveway, you likely have some buildup somewhere that can be washed away by the pressure washer in an afternoon. Don’t underestimate the impact something this simple can have on your home.
  2. Spend a weekend in your yard or schedule the landscaper. Curb appeal is extra important if you want buyers to schedule an appointment to see your home. A messy yard will turn people away before they step inside. After the yard is neat, add some flowers with a pop of color to catch people’s attention.
  3. Get a jump start on spring cleaning. Your home should be the cleanest it has ever been. This is the time to dust all the cobwebs away, wax floors, have your carpets steam cleaned and anything else you have been putting off. Don’t skip the corners.
  4. Clean out clutter the Marie Kondo way so your home shines and people aren’t distracted by the stuff in your home.
  5. Even if you have decluttered, your home may still have more furnishings than it should. Rent a storage unit and remove excess items from your home. Your home should look inviting. Open space will help with that so pack away what you don’t need so buyers have an easier time picturing themselves in your home.
  6. Clean off your countertops. Bathrooms and kitchens look better and more spacious without appliances and things covering the counters. Put away the coffee pot and utensil holder in the kitchen and the hair dryer and tissue box in the bathroom. Select one statement item for each space and keep the rest in the cabinets.
  7. If you have repairs you have been putting off, get them done now. The last thing you want is a contract that falls apart during inspections. The inspector will find the issues you know about plus some that you probably don’t. Fix everything you can to give your home its best chance of selling at the price you want.
  8. Talk to your agent about pricing and listen to their advice. I promise your agent wants your home to sell for as much as possible, but they can’t do magic. Your agent will base their recommended price on recent comps, which is also what the appraiser will do, so listen carefully and use that information to determine the perfect price for your home.

Selling your home can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. With these tips and a professional agent, your home will be ready to list ASAP. If you have any additional questions about selling your home, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, help you to find your dream home and/or determine the value of your existing property.


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