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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

When you are ready to sell your home, there will be many things that are important for you to take care of. How do you know what’s a big deal and what isn’t so big? With emotions involved, it’s easy to lose sight of the primary goal and what matters most. Let’s start with three items that you want to be sure you make the best decision on so you don’t start the home selling process with a disadvantage.

Agent Choice
Probably, the first choice you will make is selecting the agent to work with when selling your home. Your real estate agent will help you navigate the muddy waters of paperwork, price your home accordingly for today’s market, communicate with buyers and other agents about your home and market your property online and through other methods. Choosing the right agent can make the difference between selling and not selling your home.

Your price will determine if and when you sell. If you underprice your home, you will sell quickly but give up value. If you overprice your home, your home will sit on the market while you grow increasingly frustrated. The key is pricing your home just right so you attract the most interest possible that turns into showing activity and offers. This is a hard balance to achieve but an experienced agent will research your home and the current market to recommend the best price for your home.

There is nothing worse than showing up to look at a home to discover that the interior is dirty and in poor condition. Sometimes photos may not show the true picture and while you may have a few showings, if your home is in poor condition, you are unlikely to get an offer unless you have advertised the condition of the property accurately. Most people want a well-cared for home to purchase. It may need some updates but if it is filthy with chipped paint, worn carpet and other flaws, buyers will be turned off right away. From curb appeal and throughout the home, the home needs to look its best.

A little planning and consideration on your part can make selling your home go smoothly. Get the help you need when it comes time to sell by contacting me for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the value of your home.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about selling your home, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, help you to find your dream home and/or determine the value of your existing property.


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