Why Choose Nancy Davidson

Interpersonal Skills 

Nancy is known for her upbeat, down-to-earth and positive personality. She works easily with diversity, making all types of people feel comfortable on both sides of the transaction. She has been told numerous times that she has earned a highly respected reputation in the brokerage community. Her sense of humor can be just what is needed during the challenges in the escrow process.  She and her clients often become friends during the transaction.   

Analytical and Intuitive Negotiation Skills

Recognizing the importance of negotiation, Nancy is focused and tenacious when it comes to protecting her clients’ interests. The clients’ goals are present in her mind at all times. She analyzes the market, the players, the property and the details of the transaction to bring it all together intuitively. Simply, she is a master at this skill.    

Platinum Service 

With a seasoned team of professionals assisting her, Nancy provides a comprehensive array of services including escrow coordination and advertising/marketing in both traditional and web-based forms to name but two.

If you need an orthopedic doctor, the best restaurant or used ski poles, simply ask Nancy. She has a great list of local contacts she will be happy to share with you. 


  1. Responds promptly to your call, email or text
  2. Is an excellent listener
  3. Provides relevant answers to your questions about changing market conditions
  4. Has expert knowledge on preparing properties for sale with her interior design and construction background
  5. Is an optimist and a realist – difficult in this challenging market!
  6. Is an expert problem solver
  7. Has astute negotiating skills and is focused on the results
  8. Is devoted to excellent customer service
  9. Is honest, trustworthy, dependable
  10. Is attuned to her client’s needs; exceeds expectations

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