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6 Tips for a Fast Winter Sale

Selling your home in the middle of winter doesn’t need to be more stressful than listing it in the spring or the summer. Yes, in the winter, your yard is brown and lacks color, and you have fewer hours of daylight for showings. However, not everyone has the luxury of picking the season to place their home on the market. And you may find it to be surprising, but winter does have its real estate advantages and can be a great time of the year to sell your home. The following is a list of tips to follow for a fast winter sale.

  • Team up with experienced help. Call your local real estate agent first and foremost. Joining forces with a professional is paramount. Your realtor comes equipped with years of experience, knowledge, and familiarity in winter home sales.
  • Price your home accordingly. The first few weeks of your home being on the market are the most crucial. Therefore, your initial list price should be your final price. A property that sits while the seller shaves bits and pieces of the price off becomes stale. Your realtor will perform a Comparative Market Analysis, providing you with an ideal list price.
  • Acknowledge your timing. The busiest time for home sales is in the spring and summer. Consequently, off-season listings can get a lot of attention. If your home is well-maintained and you are willing to price it right, realtors will often urge their clients to list in the winter, as the competition is much slimmer.
  • Prepare for the house hunters. De-clutter the inside of your home and warm it up. Warm and cozy should be your main objective. Utilize all-natural light, start a fire, and have music softly playing in the background. Outside, keep all ice, snow, and/or other winter hazards at bay. If a buyer cannot safely make it into your home, it won’t sell.
  • Take pride in your ownership. When showing your home, ask potential buyers to remove their shoes or slip into provided shoe coverings. By indicating that you take pride in your home’s smaller areas emphasizes that you must also take care of the large-scale areas. The buyer immediately acknowledges that they have entered a well-maintained home.
  • Consider your area and use the season to your advantage. In colder regions, a fresh layer of white snow can very nicely accent your home. And the barren trees can even work to your advantage. With the obstruction of trees in bloom out of the way, beautiful views open up. Remove Santa and his reindeer following Christmas but allow the wreath to stay hung on the front door. In the warmer regions of the country, winter is an ideal time to be showing your home. The snowbirds have all flocked to your neck of the woods, adding the naturalist qualities homebuyers are often looking for.

We must all face the facts. Winter is one of the four seasons. But the real estate market does not recognize it as any different from the other three seasons. Call me today to get started in pricing, preparing, and advertising your home for sale. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, help you to find your dream home and/or determine the value of your existing property.


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