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Design a Fabulous Bathroom in a Small Space

It’s a room most people spend very little time in, and they often think about it even less when decorating their homes. In many homes, it’s a tiny space barely adequate for the daily routines. However, the bathroom is an important part of any house or apartment, and it should be given the attention it deserves. Here are a few ideas on how to create a space you won’t want to leave even if it is compact.

  1. Go White

A white or light-colored bathroom makes the space feel bigger and brighter. If your room is small and dark, paint the walls a light color and install a white vanity to instantly make it feel more welcoming and expansive.

  1. Choose a Small Vanity

A large vanity in a small bathroom can make the space feel even smaller and tighter. Instead, opt for a small vanity or pedestal sink to give you more floor space. While the tradeoff is less storage, you can find other ways to replace it.

  1. Think Vertical

Speaking of storage, make use of the vertical space in your bathroom, and install shelving on the walls. Wire shelves are ideal in this room because they seem more transparent and won’t shrink the space as much as wood shelves. Place less used items on the higher shelves while keeping things you use every day at eye level or below.

  1. Focus on Lighting

A lot of bathrooms are dark and don’t have windows for natural lighting. Increase the lighting in this room to make it feel bigger and more inviting. Start with lighting around the mirror with one wall sconce on each side and another light above it to eliminate any shadows on your face when you’re getting dressed. Place sconces and other lights around the room as needed. Pendants and chandeliers create a touch of luxury in this space as long as you choose an appropriate size.

  1. Decorate

While you don’t want to take up limited space with a lot of decorative items, you do want to create a sense of warmth through your décor. Use functional items to enhance the space in a fun way. For example, roll up brightly-colored washcloths and place them in a basket on end. Put small soaps on a tray by the tub or on the sink. Display decorative lotions to add color.

Get creative and have fun decorating one of the most important and most forgotten spaces in your home.


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Bathroom Updates You Can Make Yourself

Bathroom UpdatesWhen you own a home, there seems to always be something that needs to be done. No matter how handy you are, some updates will require a professional but there are several easy updates in the bathroom you can make yourself.

One of the easiest things to update in your bathroom for a big impact is the fixtures. This includes faucets and showerheads. Purchase new fixtures and follow some simple directions online and these can be updated in just a couple hours.

While you are updating the fixtures, change out your other hardware to match including the toilet paper holder, towel bars and cabinet hardware at the same time. Brass and stainless steel can be replaced with newer finishes for an inexpensive update.

Don’t forget your light fixtures. Some fixtures may just need a new globe while others can be switched out completely for a fresh design.

A fresh coat of paint will freshen up the walls quickly and can change a dated bathroom in an afternoon. Choose a trendy shade or just a neutral classic that you can complement with colorful towels and rugs.

Replace your toilet with a newer model. Many homes have toilets that were installed when the home was built. You may have replaced different parts of your toilet but go ahead and purchase a new one and start fresh.

A new mirror can make a significant difference in a small space and there are so many options to choose from. Select a nice framed mirror for a powder room or a larger mirrored piece for your master bath.

While you are making these easy updates, go ahead and buy fresh towels and rugs. They can update your bath instantly with a new color.

These updates can also save you money as newer models of toilets and showerheads may reduce water usage and light fixtures can save energy with more efficient models. These updates can be accomplished in a weekend and will be immediately appreciated.

For additional design ideas to enhance your home’s appeal, feel free to contact me for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, help you to find your dream home or determine the value of your existing property


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Nancy Davidson is your ultimate real estate resource for Mammoth Lakes, CA and The Eastern Sierra. Visit my website for detailed information regarding today’s real estate markets.

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